Inspire Intimates specialise in the design, development and manufacture of lingerie, underwear, sleepwear and swimwear.



Extensive research and surveys have shown that getting the design right is only half the battle. We know that underwear not only needs to look good but it has to fit and last well. Your customers want garments that will withstand the rigours of everyday life, they want support where support is needed, they want shape where its’ intended and of course they want to be able to feel quality.

Fabric choices, pattern cutting, size and grade approvals are all taken care of for you, whilst following a strict code of quality control to ensure you only get top spec, luxurious garments for your portfolio.

According to a survey by ‘The Journal of Consumer Culture’, women put a lot of thought into their underwear choices and will choose underwear based on just a few metrics; will it fit well and will it make me feel comfortable? These are all factors that we consider for you when designing for you and our highly experienced technical team have been manufacturing garments to high standards for customers and are experts in all aspects of production.


• High level of quality control
• Large sizes specialist
• Extensive swatch and fabric library
• Inspiration centre